Start Your Kitchen Renovation With a Free In-Home Consultation

Discover all your kitchen and bathroom possibilities with a free in-home consultation

custom kitchen granite countertopsWe look forward to visiting you to help you define the changes you’d like to see in your home. We cover everything kitchen and bathroom, but have lots of ideas and insight to make sure the renovation is coherent and seamless with the rest of your home. When we’ve assessed the elements of the kitchen or bathroom, we often give our customers suggestions on designing adjacent spaces concerning colours, lighting, flooring and furniture layout.

What to expect from our complimentary consultation services

When we see your home we analyze the space to be remodeled, then take in your thoughts on what you’d like to see different. Once we take in all the factors, especially your needs and desires for a functional and stylish design, we offer several scenarios that fit your budget and make the optimum use of space.

Then our designers really get to work by creating a photo-realistic 3D rendering of your future kitchen or bathroom so you can best visualize how the renovation ideas will look in your home.

We know all the designing tricks to make your small space seem huge

built in pantryOur customers are often surprised at how much more space they have after the renovation, especially when that wasn’t the main purpose! Generally, we are designing spaces with a focus on improving functionality and updating old-style designs. Without fail, we are always use trending accessories and designing techniques that allow for more storage, opening up disconnected spaces and creating a feeling of spaciousness.

Begin by visiting our showroom or setting up a time to have us visit you

Our showroom is the place to get inspired and learn about the products available for a new and improved space:

  • Look through the most current kitchen and design magazines
  • Wander around and take in vast array of displayed products and designs
  • Learn about the features and benefits of fixtures from a variety of manufactures
  • Chat with us about your design ideas

Request a free in-home consultation to get begin the transformation of your kitchen and bathroom.