Backsplash tiles are a must have in the majority of kitchen and bathroom remodels

Maple kitchen with mosaic backsplash tilesBacksplash tile applications in the kitchen have been part of interior design for many years and have represented designing trends through the decades. While mainly used for more functional purposes of protecting walls from splatters and spills, this decorative feature is now commonly used as a stylistic attribute to tie in with the mood of a room.

Mosaic designs and unique materials allow for more decorating flexibility to make a statement or harmonize with the surrounding elements. People tend to favour a bold statement when it comes to kitchen tile backsplashes  and with so many possibilities concerning mosaic designs, colour variations and a vast array of materials, it is a wide-open platform to express your personality and have some fun.

Kitchen tiles and bathroom backsplashes that make a point

Glass mosaic kitchen or bathroom backsplash tilesIf you’re looking at a themed makeover or a dramatic punch for your kitchen or bathroom design, then you’re probably going to find great benefits with a backsplash.

Here are a few of the more popular materials used for bathrooms and kitchens:

  1. Travertine – a type of limestone that offers unique variations in colouring and nicely complements a rustic look. Excellent choice for a simple harmonizing finish.
  2. Marble – a classic stone in a white to soft grey base (and less commonly in light pink, yellow and green) with deeper pigmented veins throughout that look beautiful in a subway tile complementing marble slab countertops. There is a variety of marble rock that is sourced from many locations and therefore present the variations in colour
  3. Slate – a fine-grained stone available in a variety of colours that can provide a dramatic or subtle backsplash depending on the design. Interesting visual appeal by using large slabs for a backsplash.
  4. Glass – a gorgeous option as a full backsplash plate or smaller kitchen tiles in a mosaic design and can be tinted in a variety of shades. Glass tiles are attractively combined with stainless steel and other coloured tiles to create a bold look or have a more mellow effect.
  5. Ceramic – durable, cheap and available in practically any hue you can imagine, this is a common material for backsplashes. Bold designs, funky colours and intriguing tile shapes allow for amazing versatility in mosaic designs and eye-catching patterns. Of course a simple neutral look can be achieved as well.

Inject pattern and texture with a creative backsplash kitchen tile design

As with all design elements of a room, it can be quite overwhelming to discover the abundant options and try to decide what is right for you and your space. Play it safe with a classic yet elegant white subway tile or narrow stone tiles. Step up the boldness with bright reds and other punchy colours in quirky patterns and uniquely shaped tiles.

The style of the surrounding cabinetry and overall colour scheme of the room will be the major factor in what design, patterning and texture will be ideal for the backsplash tiles in your kitchen and bathroom. Search online, look through magazines and chat with designers to get a firm grasp on what will work for you.