We create cabinetry for your space – custom kitchen cabinets for function and wow factor

custom cabinetryMass-produced cabinetry is available in limited dimensions which aren’t ideal for many spaces. We design and build custom cabinetry to your specifications, giving you a one-of-a-kind finished product.

We also do cabinet refacing that can provide a substantial improvement to the look your existing cabinets at a fraction of the price of custom cabinets.

Different wood products offer different qualities in terms of grain, durability and colour

white kitchen with subway tiles

  1. Maple
    Hard and mildly grained, maple cabinets will have colour variations from a pale white to a reddish tone. With the finish we can enhance its natural beauty or subtly reduce variations with a darker stain
  2. Cherry
    With a fine to medium grain pattern, cherry wood cabinets give an elegant look that is favoured for its consistent dark reddish colouration that can be intensified through a stain. This unique North American classic darkens beautifully with age and contains attractive knotting in the wood for added character.
  3. Birch
    Adored for the light colourings that range from cream to reddish-brown, this close-grained hardwood has a fine and even texture. Striations are often straight but can also occur in wavy or curly patterns, making it appear like wood from a maple tree. While it can be stained with a tint, birch is most appealing left in its natural state and coated with a clear sealer.
  4. Oak
    A top pick for a traditional or casual country look, oak cabinets are heavy-grained and durable. Its visible characteristics include mineral streaks and pin knots in appealing red or white oak color tones.
  5. Paint Grade Maple
    This softer grain maple is used for painted finishes since the variation in the grain and content has no effect on the finished product. It will have a smooth finish and can be lacquered in any colour to provide the benefits of having a natural wood construction.

Imitation wood grain and various colours available with a Thermofoil surface finish

Milled from vinyl wrapped material over fiberboard, Thermofoil cabinets provide a broad range of options for colour, texture and sheen, including a finish that resembles a wood grain. This material is durable, with superior cleaning features and provides an economical alternative to solid wood cabinets.
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