Q: How much does the average kitchen cost?

A: The short answer is: there is no average kitchen!

The long answer is that we can design your kitchen to fit whatever your budget may be. Kitchen Gallery offers several lines that appeal to different budgets. The price of the kitchen renovation often depends on how far reaching the project goes. For example, are you considering replacing flooring, moving/adding electrical, relocating plumbing? All of that is a part of your renovation cost as well and things that Kitchen Gallery is happy to offer feedback and suggestions on but does not supply.

Q: What is cabinet refacing?

A: Cabinet refacing means that we keep all of your cabinet boxes intact.

We remove all of your existing doors, drawer fronts, hinges, hardware and mouldings and custom make all new to fit your existing cabinetry. We help you with the selection of a whole new colour/style including countertops, sink, faucet, backsplash and mouldings to create an entirely updated look for your space.

Q: How much money can cabinet refacing save over full cabinet replacement?

A: It is a cost effective solution compared to full replacement and can often save between 40-50% over full cabinet replacement.

Q: Can you combine new cabinetry to my refaced cabinetry?

A: Yes, of course you can combine the two.

Our doors are the exact same as the doors that are a part of your new cabinetry so once everything is installed it will all look the same. You may want to add some new cabinets to your reface in order to gain more storage or to tie two rooms together. For example, you may want a matching dining hutch to match the Kitchen Reface that we are doing.

Q: Is there a charge for your design?

A: We are happy to provide our clients with Kitchen and Bath designs which include a plan view and numerous 3D photo-realistic renderings of their future kitchen.

Kitchen Gallery retains the drawings until the time comes that you are commited to have us complete your project. At that point you are issued copies of all drawings and have access to whatever other drawings of your project that you may need.

Q: How long will my kitchen renovation take?

A: The exact timeline depends on a few factors.

The time of year sometimes affects how quickly we may be able to complete the work. Busier times may result in long wait times as our installation dates become limited as much as we try to keep them consistent. Our custom cabinetry requires approximately 5 weeks to complete. Custom cabinet doors require approximately 4 weeks to complete. The average project from the time of commitment to the completion of your installation is approximately 6-8 weeks. We also offer 30 Day Kitchens as a cost-saving and less invasive option.

Q: What is one-day bath remodeling?

A: One-Day Bath Remodeling means that we are able to take exact measurements of your existing bathtub (must be cast iron or steel) and make a custom bathtub that fits exactly over top of your old one.

We have different wall patterns and styles to fit the look that you are trying to achieve. The benefit of this process is that it is extremely cost effective compared to a full bathroom renovation and also it is a minimally invasive process. We do not need to do extensive demolition and you bathroom has very little down time. This is of particular concern to you if you live in a condominium or if this is your only bathroom.

Q: How long does it take to install a Granite Transformations countertop?

A: Our Granite Transformations Countertops are installed in about 1 day.

It is a very convenient process and in most cases we are all finished up by the end of the day. From the time you commit to Kitchen Gallery to the time that you receive your engineered stone countertop it is approximately 4 weeks.

Q: Do you supply Sinks and Faucets?

A: Yes, we supply a variety of different sinks and taps to meet different aesthetics and price points.

We carry such well-known brands as: Moen, Blanco, Kindred, Franke, Grohe, American Standard, Neptune and Kohler. We have brochures and booklets on a variety of products that we are happy to pass on to you.

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