Instantly modernize your kitchen with kitchen cabinet refacing

Unattractive and out-of-style cabinets can make your kitchen look decades old.

And it doesn’t matter how modern things like your appliances, lighting or cutlery/dishware is.

If your kitchen cabinets look out-of-place, it’s the first thing you (and guests) will notice.

The solution? Kitchen cabinet refacing.

You want new kitchen cabinets.

But the thought of a custom build is simply too much…

  • Money to spend
  • Mess to clean up
  • Hassle to deal with

Kitchen cabinet refacing gives you everything newly built cabinets does, but at a fraction of the cost.

white kitchen cabinet refacing

The benefits of cabinet refacing

Everything about kitchen cabinet refacing – from the process to the result – is designed to give you exactly what you want.


Kitchen cabinet refacing can cost 50% less than traditional cabinet replacements.

That’s because there’s no need to remove the biggest element, which is your cabinet boxes.


With kitchen cabinet refacing, you can leave your cabinet contents where they are.

No need to worry about temporary storage or if they’ll get dirty or damaged during the process.


Choose from a wide variety of wood finishes & styles for your kitchen cabinets.

There’s really no limit to transforming your kitchen from boring to beautiful.


Our skilled team takes great care when creating and installing your refaced cabinets.

We’ll treat your home like our own and ensure it’s done right, the first time

A brand new look for your kitchen in just 30 business days

In the space of one month, you’ll have great looking kitchen cabinets which add aesthetic and monetary value to your home.

And it all starts when you schedule a FREE in-home consultation with Kitchen Gallery…

1. Book a FREE consultation

We’ll come to you, bring product samples and answer every question you have.

2. Select your materials

Select the colours, styles and accessories you want for your new kitchen cabinets.

3. We get to work

We remove drawer fronts, doors & hinges and prepare them to your exact design specifications.

4. Enjoy your new cabinets

When everything’s ready, we’ll install them with perfect precision.

Immediately, you’ll notice a difference in the way your kitchen looks and feels.

And any visitors to your home will too.

Your next step: Schedule a FREE in-home consultation

Book a FREE in-home consultation today to learn more about cabinet refacing.

We’ll come to you, bring along samples and answer all your questions in a 1-on-1, no pressure/no commitment setting.