We only use VOC free paint!

At Kitchen Gallery, we pride ourselves to only use VOC (volatile organic compound) free paint in and on our products. We believe in a healthy living environment and want to reduce any health risks involved with a new kitchen renovation!

Before 1977, lead paint was commonly used in households but thankfully, it is now banned.

VOC’s are released during the actual painting process when it is applied to the walls. They are also known more commonly by the name carcinogens. When we hear this word, what comes to mind? That’s right. It’s cancer.

Many carcinogens have been linked to cancer and they are not good for our body. Avoiding breathing in these fumes is probably the best. Regardless of what kind of paint you decide to use when working on your home, you should always have a facemask on as a barrier over your mouth and nose to prevent inhaling the fumes.

But lucky for you, we don’t use paint with carcinogens in it. You can guarantee that your kitchen will have chemical free paint in it if you go with us.

VOC free paint is only common for household paint at this point. Industrial companies will need to do some research or look into it further to see if they can find some VOC free paint to be utilized in an industrial sense rather than a home setting.

Want to know more about this? Get in touch with us and we can tell you all about VOC free paint!

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