Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Kitchen Backsplashes are an eye-catching part of our kitchens and we should be proud to show them off. Lots of people have started to come up with vey creative kitchen backsplash ideas. They consider it to be an artistic statement of their personality.

We put together a list of some ideas that we think are great for your kitchen backsplash.

Glossy Finished Backsplash For Your Kitchen

Playing around with your backsplash finish can change the atmosphere and feel of a room. Having one that is glossy gives the room an open and brighter feeling because it reflects the light to brighten up the surrounding space. You can have it the way you want by positioning your lighting fixtures to maximize the amount of light reflected.

Full Wall Kitchen Backsplash

A lot of homeowners have been opting for open shelving to be able to show off their dinnerware and to have easy access to their kitchen utensils. Full wall backsplashes are making this achievable while still adding style to the kitchen!

Color Instead of a Textured Backsplash

Color will always add that “pop” to your kitchen. So why not use it as a backsplash to accentuate your cabinets and open style shelving? This option is also much cheaper than a custom backsplash wall made of tile or another material.

And of course, Tile!

The classic tile look never gets old. The tiles we use in 2019 are a little bigger than the standard “Subway” tiles usually used. This way there are fewer grout lines to clean and it adds the perception of more space. If you can manage to get a glossy tile then you will have 2 of our ideas incorporated into your kitchen this year!

We hope you enjoyed our list of ideas and if you wish to put any of these into effect in your kitchen, just contact us and we will get the perfect backsplash process started!

For more inspiration, visit our gallery  page.