Backsplashes That Make a Splash

Backsplashes That Make a Splash

With a backsplash that makes a splash! Backsplashes can create an eye-popping difference in the room, and some of our clients see it as a special touch – or that finishing touch – that really pulls a space together and makes a big visual impact, with a small cost to incorporate.

Backsplashes That Make a Splash

If you don’t have the time or the budget to do a complete kitchen remodel, or if you still like a lot of what your current kitchen offers, there is one simple way to update the room in a big way.

You’ll see eye-catching backsplashes all around North Bay and Nipissing region that came from Kitchen Gallery. We offer you many options, colours and styles that you can incorporate into your backsplash project. Keep in mind the various textures and patterns are enhanced by the products you choose to work with.

Our suppliers offer you great options in a variety of products creating backsplashes that make a splash!

Ceramics are affordable and long-lasting, these come in a wide array of colours and hues. Glass tiles, meanwhile, are a beautiful option that can also offer some exciting colour variations. Stone products like slate, or travertine (a type of limestone) are the right choice for some rooms, while marble can give an exquisite, classy look that ties in nicely with pre-existing marble countertops.

Remember though, that a new backsplash should not only “pop” when you walk in, but compliments the rest of the decor, colours, and style of materials in your kitchen. That’s where the kitchen experts at Kitchen Gallery come in – contact us for a free in home consultation, or visit our Fisher Street showroom to start brainstorming about your next project. We’ll help you bring it all together with backsplashes that make a splash!

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