Sometimes It's All About Compromise on That New Kitchen

Sometimes It’s All About Compromise on That New Kitchen

Compromise is where we give a little and we get a little, and when you’re looking at a kitchen renovation, sometimes the budget doesn’t allow us to have everything that we want. But it doesn’t mean you have to forget the entire project; it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Sometimes It's All About Compromise on That New Kitchen

What we suggest to the clients of Kitchen Gallery is to find a balance – a bit of a compromise – between wants and needs, so you still get the new kitchen you want, at the price you can afford.

There are quite a few kitchens around North Bay and the Nipissing region where we’ve introduced the homeowners to something called the “Save/Splurge” concept. It’s a way to review your project and see where you save a little here and there, to get the things that are most important to you – these are the items that you splurge on.

The best way to start using this mindset to is start listing NEEDS and WANTS. You might determine that a need is more storage space, or better lighting. These are things that are non-negotiable.

But maybe you want some quality stone countertops too, along with cherry wood cabinets. Our formally trained and educated Interior designer might be able to offer you some solutions to less expensive cupboards, that allow you to spend some more money on the stone countertops you realize you value more than your first choice of cabinetry.

So remember:

  • it doesn’t have to be all or nothing
  • consider some compromise within your kitchen plans
  • be willing to share your budget so that your designer can make recommendations for products that will best serve your budget
  • look at wants versus needs
  • finally, let our kitchen experts how you how you can combine saving and splurging to create a new kitchen you’ll love, with a price tag you can afford.

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