7 Fun Bathroom Decorating Ideas & 1 Bad One

You know you want something different, but you don’t know exactly what.

The internet is a great place to find inspiration, but sometimes it’s overwhelming. So many resources. So many places to look.

So we’re putting all the best ideas we come across right here. We’ll update this post regularly with new pictures and trends, so you’ll know you’re looking at the latest and greatest styles.

Ready to discover your new bathroom style? Here are our current top bathroom decorating ideas (in no particular order).

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Upcycled dresserUpcycled dresser vanity

Head out to the North Bay Antique Show or Callander Antique Market and pick up an antique dresser for a good price, or find one on kijiji.

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You can turn this into a vanity in two ways.

  • Like the picture here, get a sink that sits above the flat top of the dresser and install just the drain below the surface, so you can maintain all the storage space of the dressers and capitalize on the raised sink trend so many upscale designers are using right now.
  • Remove the top 2 or 3 drawers of storage and install the sink flush, for a more classic look. Plumbing can be easily accessible by just opening the drawers.


 claw tubClaw foot tub

Following the antique trend, this style of tub was popular in the early 1900s and can still be a beautiful centerpiece in any bathroom.

Tiles add some texture to the room, and additional antique style accents, like towel hangers, light fixtures and seating complete the look.

country styleCountry style everything

Rich, dark wood cabinets housing plain white towels.

Brass drawer and cabinet handles.

Double handle faucet fixtures.

It’s a minimalist sort of look that actually feels warm and comfortable because of the dark hue of the wood.


earth and seaThe Earth, the sea

One of the most enduring trends is this sort of semi-nautical, Earth centered theme. For good reason. It’s comforting, relaxing, inviting and clean.

Get down to Lake Nipissing and grab some small shells, or bring some back from your next vacation. We have a large conch from the Gulf of Oman on the top of a tiered storage shelf in our master bath, and textured stones from a handful of other oceanfront locations around the world.

An easy, earthy idea:

  • Visit the dollar store and pick up some round, glass vases, maybe 8 inches tall and 4 inches across.
  • Fill them all ¾ of the way with sand from your favourite beach.
  • Place white tea candles on the top of the sand.
  • Surround the candle decorations with small shells.

3 of these sit atop the toilet tank in our bathroom, and they look great.


mirrorMirror surrounds

A large, borderless mirror gives you plenty of space to marvel at how great looking you are, but a mirror with some sort of surround design leave you plenty of space to check out yourself while also adding some texture to your bathroom.

Consider a smaller mirror with more style to it.

bold coloursBold colours

Maybe lime green isn’t your favourite, but there’s no reason you couldn’t try a lighter shade of green, or red, or anything really.

Bold colours are great, as long as you use them properly.

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Notice in the picture below, one wall is painted green, and the rest of the bathroom contains green touches. It’s a prime example of an accent wall.

Choose your colour and have at it. It’s just paint, and you can always change it.


towels and toilet paperStop hiding your supplies

Most homeowners tend to hide things like towels, wash cloths and toilet paper refills.

Don’t! They can add a great splash of colour to your bathroom, and the shelving you use to display them can be a unique design element. As long as you have the space.

Measure before you buy.

bad ideaThere are no bad ideas. Except sometimes there are.

It’s just too much pink. Don’t overdo it. Sometimes lots of colour is good. Sometimes, not so much.

Have fun!

You’re in and out of the bathroom every day. It should be a space you’re happy with.

Whether you find your perfect bathroom decorating ideas here or elsewhere online, we can help make your bigger ideas a reality.

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