Kitchen or Bathroom? What to Remodel First.

Kitchen RemodelBathroom remodel

It would be nice to remodel the kitchen and bathroom at the same time.

But with budget/time restrictions, renovating both rooms at once is hard to do.

So, if you had to choose one room to remodel over the other, which would you select first: The kitchen or the bathroom?

If you’re faced with this decision, there are a few factors which can help you decide what room to tackle first.


The weather conditions outside can impact your home renovations inside.

Right now, it’s winter in North Bay where Kitchen Gallery is located. So it’s chilly, icy and snowy.

Doing your bathroom in the winter is more logistically sound vs. working on kitchen elements like mosaic backsplash tiles or custom cabinetry because:

  • Usually there are multiple bathrooms in a home vs. a single kitchen
  • Other cooking options (i.e. barbequing) are unavailable during the winter
  • Extra budget will need to be set aside for dining/meals out

Cold winter weather complicates, well, everything. And that includes your kitchen renovation.

So if you want to transform both your kitchen and bathroom and want to start during the winter, it makes sense to tackle the bathroom first.

For sale sign

You’re planning to sell your home soon

An old rule of thumb is that when it comes to kitchen and bathroom design, kitchens tend to generate the better return on investment.

This makes sense, since the kitchen is a social hub (as well as where meals are cooked and enjoyed).

And while a stylish and modern bathroom is always a plus, a fresh kitchen with new cabinet refacing or beautiful countertops is bound to attract attention and add to the resale value of your home.

You have no plans to sell your home

You love your home. You love its location. You love the neighbourhood.

If that’s you, then ask yourself the following questions:

Where in the home do you and your family spend the most time together?

  • For a majority of people, the answer is the kitchen. If you feel the same way, then the choice is obvious: renovate the kitchen first.

Do you love taking long baths or relaxing showers?

  • Maybe you’d rather spend an hour in a luxurious bubble bath and 3 minutes microwaving a frozen pizza. In that case, start with the bathroom.

It’s important to consider what’s important to you and how/where in your home can deliver that for you.

No stress for kitchen or bathroom renovation

Simplicity and convenience

Any kitchen and bathroom installation is bound to bring a certain amount of inconvenience to your life.

It’s simply unavoidable.

So you’ll need to consider things like:

  • How much inconvenience can you tolerate to get the results you want
  • What room can you give up for an extended amount of time
  • Can you arrange other alternatives (like a makeshift kitchen) while the work is being done

If cooking at home is important to your family, then you should remodel the bathroom first.

If you can’t do without your soaker tub, then it makes sense to start with the kitchen.

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